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07/04/2024 || Savline Roleplay - Major Announcements

Started by HellFury, Apr 07, 2024, 07:17 PM

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Savline Roleplay - Major Announcements
April 8th, 2024

Greetings! Savline Roleplay has some big news to share with everyone!

Promotions, Restructures/Reshuffles & New Community Leaders

Community Leaders:
In some of our biggest news, we've had reshuffles, restructuring, and promotions! The most notable are the incoming Community Leaders! Now, for context, one of the main restructures has been the Savline RP Community Leader position. It's important to have a group of community leaders because the Owners of the community, that being myself and Ragnarok, would like people with a range of skills and understanding to keep things running in our absence. Furthermore, a group of leaders allows for more accountability, transparency and teamwork than concentrating power in the hands of one or two people.

As such, without further ado, please congratulate incoming Community Leaders Gruia, Wuskie, Yaan and Rasta on their new positions! And for those who are curious, yes, Gruia, Yaan and Rasta will continue to manage/lead in their respective MTA:SA positions, but given their reach across the community, their skills, knowledge and abilities, they will now also be able to assist the Community Owners in the operation of Savline Roleplay as a whole, extending their abilities beyond just one server.


MTA:SA Roleplay
Furthermore, we're proud to announce the promotion of John Adam (joaoadao) to MTA:SA RP Manager! Congratulations, John!

We're also delighted to announce that Mike Collin has been promoted to MTA:SA RP Senior Administrator! Congratulations!

We're also ecstatic to announce the additions of Mark Korwnaios, Arwen and Natsu to the team as MTA:SA RP Moderators! Congratulations and welcome!

These people are quality picks for our team and have contributed significantly over their time in the community. We are confident they will continue to support the players, bring out the best in the server and improve our community. I'm delighted to make this announcement and sincerely thank them for their good work, and urge them to keep it up as they help us keep Savline moving forward!

MTA:SA Roleplay - RP Relaunch Event Date Finalised
The initial release of Savline MTA was decent, had a solid turnout, found bugs, got things working and brought players in. Now, we're getting the Roleplay Relaunch event on track, with new features being developed, work being done, support, vehicle and admin teams being built, with a goal to have round-the-clock support for the playerbase.

Savline Roleplay is proud to announce the date of the Roleplay Relaunch has been set - we'll be hosting the event on Saturday the 27th of April!

VC:MP Roleplay - Server Project in Progress

Savline Roleplay is also proud to announce that for our retro gaming fans, and for those who've played VC:MP, we have a server coming on the platform! In perhaps a first for VC:MP, given its nature of TDM/CnR, we'll be a clear alternative, a genuine medium-hardcore roleplay server on the platform! Though the client isn't too active, nor actively developed, the nostalgia will come through, and Savline will continue to be an active server on the platform.

In its lead stands VC:MP RP Leader Kiki, who has been at the forefront of development for the server, and has years of experience roleplaying!

More news will follow in the coming month or two, but the good news is, we are very close to our first release! We look forward to creating a unique experience for you on the streets of Vice City, taking you to the State of Leonida (I'd say Florida but with GTA VI coming, the GTA lore state is Leonida)! Cars, neon, sunny beaches, and the VCPD. Ain't America great?!

Savline Connected - Freeroam Server Live, More to Begin

Savline's also proud to announce our GTA: IV freeroam server coming up! This server is hosted on the Grand Theft Auto: Connected client. This client is a versatile option for the freeroam servers that CL Wuskie brings to Savline, as similar scripts can be run across the GTA series on this client. It'll be fun having racing, demolition derby and gunfight events on this server soon! Stay tuned for SavlineC events and news!

Lastly, thank you for standing by us, and we look forward to the future, as we get projects going and our community moving forward!

Sincere regards,
Savline RP Community Owner

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