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The Carter Administration

Started by HellFury, Apr 15, 2024, 06:17 AM

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The Carter Administration

President of the United States
Marshall Carter

Marshall Carter is the President of the United States. Carter grew up in Liberty City, becoming self-sufficient, studying law in Vice City in the State of Leonida upon return from Afghanistan, and establishing himself as a high-profile attorney before becoming the U.S. Attorney-General. A man of public service, President Carter's heritage lies in the U.S. Government and the United States Armed Forces, having joined the United States Army at 18, reaching the rank of Master Sergeant by 28. President Carter served two tours in Afghanistan, seeing members of his squadron hurt and even killed over his time there. This led to his desire to stabilize and build the U.S. Armed Forces, and to do right by veterans and by the people serving the nation. Carter studied Law in Vice City while not on active deployment, receiving his degree and work experience in the military before his honourable discharge at 29. Marshall Carter was admitted to the bar shortly before his 30th birthday and celebrated his birthday with a resounding win in an important criminal case known as "Samson vs. City of Vice" which saw an innocent man wrongfully imprisoned for 20 years, of which that man was incarcerated for 30 days. The case, and Carter, the newly-minted criminal defence attorney, made national headlines as the case sent shockwaves through the District Attorney's office. Falsified evidence and a later-debunked false witness statement saw a criminal conspiracy shut down as a result of Carter's work and saw an innocent DeAndre Samson's incarceration and criminal record overturned, saving a good citizen with no other criminal record.

Carter had been involved in politics since his teen years, and especially given his military service, was well known within the U.S. Republicans. This recognition only increased after the Samson case. The national recognition, Carter's abilities and his love of legal work led to Carter becoming Attorney-General of the United States at 31, known to be a hard worker, serving in the Garvey Administration. With President Calvin Garvey's administration coming to an end, Vice President Robert Haines ran as the Republican nominee for President of the United States, announcing 33-year-old Marshall Carter as his running-mate. Carter was sworn in as Vice President of the United States after the Haines win. Carter served under then-President Robert Haines for 8 years, afterwards winning the Republican nomination for the Presidency, and then the Presidency itself. At 42, Marshall Carter is the youngest ever President of the United States, 165 days younger than Teddy Roosevelt. Carter directly succeeded Robert Haines and led the Republicans to a record-breaking third Republican administration.


The Carter Administration

Vice President of the United States
Xavier Ragnarok

Xavier Ragnarok is the Vice President of the United States, serving in the Carter Administration, and a close colleague to U.S. President Marshall Carter. Standing by the side of the President and the United States, Vice President Ragnarok serves his nation with dignity and honour, having grown up in Liberty City and studied at the prestigious St. Matthias University of Liberty City.

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